Apart from exhibiting a prodigious whistling talent as a young boy, I was a late bloomer when it came to making music. I started playing guitar when I was 16 and didn't form my first band, Gonna Ball, until I was in university.

Gonna Ball, a rockabilly/punk hybrid, gigged around Ballarat town for a year or two in the early 90s and occasionally we reform for a blast from our past (ABC Exhumed Live Final at Karova Lounge).

These days I'm mostly playing solo acoustic gigs, with an eclectic array of songs, from Aussie pub rock crowd-pleasers, to some more obscure tunes that I'm hoping audiences might think are my originals, because they're so well-written. Visit the Songs page see a list of some of the songs you’re likely to hear if you come to one of my gigs.

Please contact me if you'd like me to play at your party, function, event or venue. I'm always learning new songs to add to my repertoire, so if there’s a favourite song or two that you’d like me play, please let me know and I’ll endeavour to do it justice.

For latest news, including gigs, photos and videos, please check out my Facebook page: Jason Fletcher - Musician